At 6 am the artisans fire up the furnaces that float over the Venetian Lagoon, it’s an early-morning ritual of dedication to preserving Murano’s living-legacy: glass.

6:AM Glassworks, Murano’s leading agency of glass production, guarantees a formidable connection between the master glassmakers of this legendary island and the designers from around the world.


Whether your project is still a notion, ready for production or at any point in between, we employ a holistic knowledge of glass to realize works of all scales and complexities. We are collaborative, creative and detail-oriented and our services range from sourcing, supervision and logistics to creative consulting, design and engineering. Whatever you need, 6:AM gets it done.


6:AM is an essential guide to the innavigable island of renowned glass makers equipped with hundreds of years of ancestral virtuosity. We combine local credibility, technical expertise and professional savvy to engage and maintain close-knit relationships with some of the world’s greatest artisans.


From immersive architectural installations to precious objects, we have realized complex and ambitious glass projects to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding creatives in the design industry. Through experimentation, structural problem-solving, and the deployment of rare techniques, we guide our partners to achieve the seemingly impossible with glass.


We’re not just consultants, we’re designers. Studio6:AM is our space for experimentation where we develop a personal collection of works while innovating new techniques and honing the skills that make us the go-to creative producers for our partners